By PGA Professional, Bill Abrams

I’m often asked by golfers if getting custom fit for their equipment truly matters or makes any difference. The answer is always an emphatic “YES”. I’ve listened to golfers attempt to justify not getting fit by saying “I’m not good enough” or “I need to groove my swing before getting fit”. Or “it really cannot make a big difference”. These thoughts will truly hold a golfer back from improving and playing better consistently.

Fact is, a highly skilled player will be able to reasonably adapt to most any equipment, while an average player will truly struggle to play well with poorly fit equipment. I find that players with ill-fitting clubs will have a very hard time finding consistency with their swing. It would be like taking dance lessons in a tuxedo that’s 4 sizes too big or too small. I think you see where I’m going.

Poorly fit equipment may actually cause flaws in a golfer’s game. Too heavy or too light clubs, too long or too short, too stiff or too flexible shafts, too flat or too upright lie angle, too large or too small grips, poor loft gapping can and will cause inconsistencies and poor shots. Even a club that feels poor can have hindering effects. Getting an expert professional fitting is also an educational experience as you will learn how your clubs work and what characteristics they will produce. Know what your clubs are supposed to do provides a huge level of confidence and security allowing you to swing more freely, thus hitting better shots.

An example of how club fitting makes a big difference. The lie angle on a 5 iron translates to 10.5” of accuracy per degree off on a solidly hit shot. If your lie angle is 4 degrees off and ill fit, that’s 42” off line. An improper bounce angle on your wedges and cause heavy shots or skulled shots. A putter with a loft that doesn’t match your stroke can create a putt that doesn’t roll optimally this influencing your speed control. I hope you can see even slight adjustments in your specs can allow or prevent good shots from happening. Have you ever had this happen and wonder why? This may explain something.

Fitting is not limited. All equipment categories need to be assessed and prescribed the proper specifications. That includes golf balls, shoes, gloves, not to mention putters and wedges. Too often I see players simply take what is popular right from the rack with little regard to how that will perform and match their game. Golfers play over half their shots with the putter and their wedges, yet at times do not get fit for them despite getting fit for their other clubs. The only piece of equipment you play every shot with is your golf ball. If your ball does not provide characteristics that enhance and match your game, you will struggle to score well. A poorly fitting glove will cause the club to not be secure and twist during the swing.

Keep yourself playing up to your potential and consider all the things I have mentioned here. Individually each piece of the puzzle may not seem as it will provide enough of a change but the synergy of all the pieces being correct can have a resounding affect on better play.

Getting an expert professional fitting is much easier than you may realize. I offer complimentary fitting services at Balmoral Woods that are included with the purchase of equipment and coaching programs. We will be hosting a PING Fitting Day Sunday, August 4th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Appointments are required to insure ample time for you to be fit properly. Please contact me at 630 926-4554 or to schedule a time. You may also schedule a fitting appointment at your convenience at another time.
As always, please reach out to me with questions or comments.

Club Fitting Day at Balmoral

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