Golf Tip – Get Your Putting Touch Back After Winter

Tony Tinetti Bonnie BrookBy Tony Tinetti, PGA Professional, Bonnie Brook Golf Course After a long winter like the one that we just suffered through, it is very difficult to get your golf game back in shape. The hardest thing to get back may be your putting touch. Here is a quick drill to help you with that. Take 3 balls and put them on the putting surface about 20 feet from the fringe. Your goal is to putt the ball so to make it stop right at the edge of the fringe. Make a couple of practice swings and then step up to the ball, put your putter behind it and just before you take your putter back, close your eyes. (more…)

Why Am I Not Getting Better?

Jay casalettoBy Jay Casaletto, PGA Director - Golf Channel Am Tour-Chicago How many of you have heard these phrases before: "I don't understand why I didn't score better, I was hitting the ball so well at the range" or "The way you practice is the way you play in the game".  If the latter is true, it is no wonder why most of us don't get any better at golf. (more…)

House Rules

Eric Aldrichby Eric Aldrich, PGA Head Golf Professional Bolingbrook Golf Club What excites us about getting up at sunrise and carving out at least six hours of our day to play a sport that continually beats us up?  And how does this same sport keep us coming back for more?  Is it the exercise?  The fellowship?  The competition?  It surely isn't enjoyment, is it?  How can we possibly take pleasure in playing something so difficult and something that takes so long to play?  But in the end, and at the detriment of future golfers, golf must be enjoyed.  But how?  One of the best ways to enjoy the game of golf more - Don't play by the rules. (more…)

Golf Tips from the Experts – Jay Williams

Jay Williams, 25-year PGA Member & Head Golf Professional at Briar Leaf Golf Club LaPorte, IN Question: I've decided to really make an effort to lower my handicap this year. What is the best way to reach my goal of consistently shooting lower scores? Answer: This is an easy one. The ONLY answer is to IMPROVE YOUR SHORT GAME. Approximately 65% of all strokes played during a round are taken from inside 100 yards. Building a reliable short game will pay immediate dividends and provides the payoff of measurable results in the form of lower scores. (more…)
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