Keep It In The Fairway! Get Lessons With A Local LPGA or PGA Golf Professional

If you have ever wanted to take a golf lesson but did not know who to go to, you are not alone.  As the publishers of GOLF NOW! Chicago, we have taken lessons over the years with many golf professionals and once you find someone you click with, you want to stick with that person.   Also, you need to find the right person and teaching style that works for you.   We have taken lessons from all three of the following teaching professionals.   Each has a long list of credentials, and all are fabulous…continue reading →

Getting Golf Ready With Bill Abrams, 2019 IL PGA Teacher Of The Year

  By Bill Abrams, PGA at Balmoral Woods, Crete, IL Chicagoland Golfing Friends, now is the time to prepare for the upcoming (hopefully sooner than later) 2020 golf season. I would like to suggest a checklist of things to consider so you maybe ready once the weather breaks and we get out to play. Being prepared will certainly have a positive effect on your game and you better enjoying golf. Check yourself - be sure you are in good shape and any injuries or twinges are healed and ready to go. Once we are…continue reading →

Why Getting Custom Fit Equipment Matters

By PGA Professional, Bill Abrams I’m often asked by golfers if getting custom fit for their equipment truly matters or makes any difference. The answer is always an emphatic “YES”. I’ve listened to golfers attempt to justify not getting fit by saying “I’m not good enough” or “I need to groove my swing before getting fit”. Or “it really cannot make a big difference”. These thoughts will truly hold a golfer back from improving and playing better consistently. (more…)

PGA Professional, Jay Williams, Makes Golf Fun To Learn With Living Room Lessons!

PGA Professional Jay Williams has been around the Chicago and Northwest Indiana golf scene for many years. Originally from Springfield, MO, Jay has spent time at Olympia Fields CC, Lincolnshire CC and for the past 24 seasons, Briar Leaf Golf Club in LaPorte, IN. He’s well-known for his work with junior golfers, having twice been nominated for the Indiana PGA Section’s Youth Player Development Award. In addition to running the day to day operations at Briar Leaf, he is a highly sought-after golf instructor by players of all ages and abilities. GOLF NOW! Chicago recently caught up with Jay to ask about the popular video series, “Living Room Lessons,” that he has created, which is gaining steam through social media. (more…)

Equipment, You & The Scoring Game

By Bill Abrams, PGA Professional and Teacher of the Year Well, the woodchuck says it’s going to be golf season sooner than later here in Chicagoland. Now is the time to think about and more so prepare for the upcoming season. This piece will discuss a few ways to prepare so you may be ready to play well right off the bat. (more…)

Your PGA Club Pro: Facts, Fallacies, Function and Family

[caption id="attachment_1253" align="alignnone" width="584"]Steve Dell, PGA and Family Left to Right: PGA Class-A Professional Steve Dell, his wife, Shellie, and their dog, Gracie.[/caption] Contributed by Michelle Zaberdac, freelance correspondent As the PGA of America turns 100 years old, avid golfers have likely seen many changes in the game, at their home course, within its staff and in the industry as a whole. Have you ever thought about what goes into running a club? Have you ever envisioned being a club pro as a “dream job?” I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with 25-year veteran, PGA Class-A Professional Steve Dell, about his career and how it all came together for him. (more…)

Independent Tests Prove Exotics Unbeatable!

By Joanne Miller, Tour Edge Batavia, IL (February 17, 2015) – An independent robot club test performed at Golf Laboratories, Inc. in San Diego, California, confirms that the Exotics E8 Beta fairway wood is truly the longest fairway wood in golf. The E8 Beta was tested against the newest fairway woods on the market and the results continue to support ‘Exotics legendary distance’ reputation and distinguish the technology as the best in the market place. (more…)

Tips from the Pro – Coming Over The Top

Dave Fazio - EaglewoodBy Dave Fazio, Golf Sales Manager   Eaglewood Resort & Spa If you are a golfer you've probably heard the expression Coming Over the Top many times. So what does this mean and importantly what can I do to stop it?  Well, Coming over the top is when your upper body starts your downswing first or ahead of your lower body. Another way to look at this is the right shoulder (for a right handed golfer) is moving in an outward fashion instead of a downward direction. This results in the golf club coming over the top of the desired swing plane.  In doing so the player has an outward to inward swing pattern resulting in a slice if the club face is open or a straight pull if the club face is closed. See picture below for details. (more…)

Spring Training by Bill Abrams

By Bill Abrams PGA, Golf Solutions Academy, Balmoral Woods It’s that time of year again. The Masters is less than two months away and we will be outdoors playing this awesome game very soon. This is a great time to get some “spring training” in prior to those first swings outside. There are a few things we all can do to help prepare for the season. Below are a few you can do at home, but as always practicing at a dome or heated tee is great. Bill Abrams - grip side viewBill Abrams - grip front viewGrip is an area we need to monitor to keep shots from being inconsistent. Be sure your top hand (left hand for a right handed player) thumb is on top of the shaft and the club is more to the fingers than the palm. The only real pressure should be in the thumb and index finger of the top hand. This will allow the club to rotate properly and help prevent the dreaded chicken wing. The bottom hand should have the club rest in the fingertips as well. The top hand thumb will fit into the bottom hand lifeline naturally in a proper grip. Be sure to monitor the pressure and see how lightly you can grip the club – tension and excitement can increase pressure and go largely unnoticed. This can be practiced virtually anywhere you have a club handy. Watch a video to help with your grip. (more…)
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