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Advantages of Linking up with GOLF NOW! Chicago

  • We use an integrated, service-oriented, action-based approach to understand our customers’ business opportunities and assist in helping them reach their goals.
  • We work to establish long-term partnerships with our customers through referrals, recommendations and relationship-building.
  • We have one of the most extensive distribution networks of any golf publication targeting area golfers, visiting golfers, and industry experts who are in the business of planning golf for their clients. We drive business results through our personalized print distribution efforts; targeted direct mail & marketing campaigns; website partnerships; tradeshows & events; personalized relationships, and value-added internet-based strategies.
  • We offer unique and creative markets that our customers may not be targeting to drive additional business to them through increased rounds of golf, golf outings or other business opportunities.
    We tailor our distribution to the needs and requests of our customers. Our distribution and marketing strategies change based on target markets of our customers.
  • We serve as a marketing and resource liaison for golf courses and other businesses to reach those who need assistance recommending golf courses, planning golf events and other golf-related requests. We have established ourselves as “golf event experts” in unique niche markets.
  • We refer leads and business opportunities to our advertisers’ golf courses and businesses first keeping in line with the needs of the customer. We will recommend other options if we fail to satisfy the customer’s needs with options from our current advertisers.
  • We provide a complete marketing package that includes advertising in print and on-line, direct mail, comprehensive website exposure and links, and email marketing campaigns. Also, we offer value-added benefits as part of our program to generate revenue and drive business back to our customers.
  • With the addition of our on-line golf guide, you will have added benefits of driving traffic to your site and the ability to increase revenue and create continual awareness.

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