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Puerto Rico Up Close and Personal

The Ultimate Island Escape

Puerto Rico has long been known for its historical landmarks, postcard beaches, and majestic rainforest. Add to it world-class golf, sports for every enthusiast, luxurious hotels, spas & casinos, fine cuisine, exciting nightlife, and the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean, and you have a pretty fabulous tropical escape. Top it off with Old World culture, temperate climate, easy airport access, U.S. currency and postal service, English and Spanish as the island's two main languages, and something of interest for everyone -- and you have an extraordinary paradise destination for business or pleasure!

If you haven' traveled to Puerto Rico in awhile, prime yourself up to be pleasantly surprised when you arrive. Envision an island measuring 100 miles long by 35 miles wide surrounded by majestic splendor, natural abundance, and geographical and cultural diversity. Cruise ships docking almost daily in Old San Juan's seaport offer travelers opportunities to explore some of the island's hidden treasures. Spending a week or two is a must if you truly wish to experience all that this tropical paradise offers.

Our history books tell us that golf originated in the misty hills of Scotland, but it's also discovered a warm tropical second home along Puerto Rico's Atlantic and Caribbean seashores. Puerto Rico boasts more than 18 spectacular golf courses with others planned for the future. This is quite an astounding number considering the internal geography is better suited for skiing slopes than fairways.

While newer courses are part of posh resorts & spas, others are revered island courses that have been challenging the locals and visitors for years. Each course is incredibly unique. One day you're playing a course with 200-ft. elevation changes; the next day the course you're playing makes you feel as if you're in the midst of a tropical rainforest; and the following day you're playing a course where you feel like you're in the Arizona desert surrounded by prickly cacti. Playing down the glittering shoreline, watching whales glide from cliff-side fairways, or collecting sand dollar specimens between shots, you're never more than an hour away from great golf -- from any metropolitan hotel. (Most courses open 7:00AM to 7:00PM and rent carts and clubs.)

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